The Festival Rules You Need To Know

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I know every year people come out with festival tips but these are the only that are going to be honest. Nothing will ruin your festival experience faster than an bad outfit choice.

When shopping for festival outfits remember it’s going to be hot and you will be sweaty. Rompers are hard to go to the bathroom in. Short dresses can get weird if you like lounging on the ground a lot, so just be careful. Look for light, loose materials that breathe. Anything that you can dance in. As far as jewelry goes, I think it’s so annoying to have big earrings or necklaces, that’s what makes flash tattoos great. Less fussy.

Cliche Avoidance and Cultural Appropriation.
If you wear a Native American headdress you are the worst person at the festival and you look like a jerk. Don’t do it. There’s no reason to do it.Your flower crowns aren’t insulting anyone, it’s just too much of a cliche. They’re super cute but I just don’t think I can stand to see them anymore. Face-jewels can get a little risky too. I really want to wear them this year, but I’m even concerned about being too sweaty? They just look like a fun way to wear makeup without worrying about streaky, gross eyeliner.


Ankle boots, sneakers, or sandals, don’t even think about doing anything with a high-heel. I usually buy a cheap pair that I discard after festival season. No use spending a lot of money on something that’s going to get destroyed. I prefer sneakers and ankle boots to sandals just because I hate the way my feet feel when they’re all gross.

Back-pack or fanny pack
Hands free is the way to be! We pack a lot of stuff for festivals but having a big clunky purse is the worst. I like crossbody bags too, no hands required.


I love a weird pair of sunglasses at festivals. Also a cheap pair, to be on the safe side. I can’t tell you how many people lose their nice, expensive sunglasses at festivals.

Face Time
I see girls wearing lipstick a lot at festivals, and it looks great, but it just seems like a nuisance. Even when I wear my hardcore, stay all day lipstick, I feel weird and I can’t enjoy my vegan corn-dog that I’m so excited about. I’d go for a waterproof eyeliner if anything, or do a bold brow.

Other Tips
Don’t try too hard, I know festival fashion is a high-pressure situation, but you will look way cooler if you don’t try too hard. Stay hydrated, always stay hydrated.

Dye your hair a weird color, do some weird makeup, it’s a festival, have fun with it. DO ALL THE FLASH TATTOOS. Festivals are meant for exploring your weird alter-ego. I know I just told you not to try too hard, but having fun and trying too hard are completely different things. Don’t get drunk, you’ll be miserable in the heat, and passing out from being drunk and heat-stroke is the last thing you want. Don’t do drugs, okay? I promise you can just have a fun, sober time, music is fine on it’s own.

Take vitamins, maybe some Emergen-C, you’re next to people all day and it can take a toll on your body.

You NEED these things:

Mini sunscreen
Bug wristbands- hands down my favorite festival accessory, i use these all the time. I’m so prone to bug bites.
Wet Wipes
Cooling mist
Hand sanitizer
Blotting papers (I don’t know about you but I’m a greasy mess)
Empty water bottle – hydration is key to a good time
Phone backup charger, or mophie
Ziploc bag – because it might rain and your phone hates rain

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