The Festival Rules You Need To Know

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I know every year people come out with festival tips but these are the only that are going to be honest. Nothing will ruin your festival experience faster than an bad outfit choice.

When shopping for festival outfits remember it’s going to be hot and you will be sweaty. Rompers are hard to go to the bathroom in. Short dresses can get weird if you like lounging on the ground a lot. Look for light, loose materials that breathe.

How To Deal With Festival FOMO

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Festival season has begun and if you’re like me, you are internally (and externally) crying over all of the cool and fun music-centric extravaganzas you are going to be missing. Whether it’s work, school, low funds in your bank account, not being old enough to attend or adult-ing NOTHING changes the fact that you are and will be missing out on your wildest dreams. As a girl who had to forgo South By Southwest this year for the first time since I was sixteen due to being a full-time working adult, I feel your pain.* We can navigate this together.

Free Press Summer Fest 2015

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Free Press Summer Fest is a Houston festival held in the summer. It is a very difficult festival. Houston summers are notoriously dangerous, it is hot, it is humid, the mosquitoes are the size of golf balls. However as a Houston-born girl I think the festival is great and I’ll go throw any sort of torture for the goddess that is St. Vincent. Full disclosure: these videos are live performances from other times, but you’ll understand the experience.

Free Press Summer Fest 2014

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FPSF is so crazy because it is in Houston in the middle of summer. This year we were struck with a pretty powerful storm and we all had to evacuate. We all sat in the parking garage until we were cleared to go back in. I was lucky enough to get the “Fancy Pants” tickets and they were worth it because air conditioning is ALWAYS worth it in Houston.