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Dear Rouge is comprised Drew and Danielle McTaggart who are partners in music and life. After quitting their day jobs and focusing on music full time their sound started taking off. Now, at this phase in their career they know who they are as artists.

How did you know you wanted to make music a career?

DR: Ever since we were both little our dream was always to do music and only music. But it’s a super tough and extremely lucky thing to make it your career, which only a few select people get to. I guess since we knew that, we both felt that because we love music so much that we both decided to create, songwrite, and love music always, and if we get the chance to make it our career, then thats amazing. Definitely not something we counted on, but are extremely grateful for 🙂

What has been your biggest inspiration for songwriting?

DR: This is a tricky question because inspiration comes from everywhere, being in nature, hanging in the city, listening to other music etc. I guess the biggest inspiration for us recently has been to dive in to our own experiences, and write about what is presently going on in our lives. This creates more excitement for us, and also helps the music feel so much more important to us in the long run. 

Tell me about Phases, the process of the album and the meaning behind it

DR: Our new album ‘Phases’ has been a crazy journey. The album is named ‘Phases’ because it was written about all the highs and lows in life that we went through over the past few years while writing this record. It is simply a title that literally encompasses all the songs on the album and how they are referring to the different phases of life we went through.

What has been your favorite show so far?

DR: Favourite show to date has definitely been Toronto Mod Club Fall 2015. This was the moment where we had our first big sell out show, and if felt euphoric and so exciting. It literally felt like us and the other 1000 people that where there, were collectively enjoying the music, dancing and sweating having so much fun. Just some wicked party, where we felt like something changed and our band and were at the next level all of a sudden. 

Whats your best piece of advice for a young musician?

DR: Sounds generic but … do music because you love it. Don’t think about money, don’t think about other people, just do it because you love it. If people listen, and if you make money then great don’t let it distract you, keep the horse blinders on not looking to the left or right, but straight ahead.  If money or fame is your only motivation with music, then do something else, please!

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