You Need To Hear Jadagrace’s Motown Insipred EP

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At just 17 years old, Jadagrace has a lot to be proud of, the actress and singer just released her EP My Rules, she’s been acting in major movies, and she’s a professionally trained dancer.

Jadagrace assures me that she hasn’t quit acting but always wanted to go into music. She says, “I decided to add music to my passions because it allows me to express my emotions through my own lyrics rather than playing somebody else.”

She takes most of her inspiration from real life events. “I’ve been through heartbreak, love, and many hard things in life that brought me down,” she says, “I am so young and to have experienced the things I have, I have so many places to pull from.”

Jadagrace draws on inspiration from icons like Beyonce, Ciara, and Kendrick Lamar to keep her motivated, but also the memory of her father who passed away in 2016. It was a dark time in her life but she knew that he would be proud of her today.

She says, “I was completely lost and depressed but I somehow brought myself back up to make my father proud and continue what I love to do. I have learned how to take unfortunate life situations and find a silver lining in everything.”

That kind of strength and perseverance is so admirable. One thing that initially stood out to me about Jadagrace was her love for Motown, another influence she got from her family. It’s easily my favorite genre of music and I’ve been waiting for a resurrection of the genre for a long time. She keeps the music modern but you can taste those influences so clearly.

Her powerful vocals and crazy energy are so evident in her music. Her songs are bold and carefree, and don’t get me wrong, this is pop music but with a core of throwback soul. That’s where this EP is unique. The essence of Motown but coming from a young and relevant voice. It’s such a fresh idea.

She explains, “We wanted to make an EP that threw everyone back to the nostalgia of the Motown sound. New new, my rules, and luv train blend well together, and believe is a good break in the EP to allow people to sit back and tap into their emotions for a second. That one really came from my heart, so I wanted to make sure there was a balance in the EP.”

Jadagrace started out in the industry so young but she doesn’t let it burn her out. She says, “It’s a great feeling knowing that you are busy. I cannot stand laying in bed and having nothing to do. I love when I have work everyday, or I have to go to the gym or an audition. The only negative part is the driving, but it’s all worth it when you love your work.”

To stay inspired she relies on working on her craft and surrounding herself with creative friends and keeping her eye on the future.

She explains, “When you know you are meant to do something, there is no plan B in the future, you only see yourself doing what you love. Although I am not at the success level I want to be at yet, I am able to share my passion with my friends who are in the industry as well, and I am hopeful for the future, I know I am going to accomplish many things.”

Jadagrace really shows a great deal of maturity and work ethic for her age. Her best advice to young women? She says, “Speak up, and know that you only need your own approval to feel beautiful. Being educated and smart is attractive, and never allow anyone to make you feel any less than you are, which is amazing.”

Jadagrace would love to release an album soon, and she’s constantly evolving as an artist. We can’t wait to see where she goes and what she accomplishes. Listen to her new EP here.

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