In Real Life Drops How Badly

April 20, 2018If you’re like me and watched Boy Band on ABC last year, you are likely familiar with In Real Life. And if not, you may have heard of some of its members – beginning on...READ MORE

Just Seconds Apart’s Santorini Dream

April 20, 2018If you do any kind of searching into up-and-coming trio Just Seconds Apart, you will find the same two things in every piece written about them; everything there is to know about their brand new...READ MORE

HRVY Wants To Talk To Ya

April 11, 2018HRVY has that classic pop sound that I love, but there’s something about his music that is just different than what I’ve heard before. Between relatable lyrics and ridiculously catchy choruses, I can just picture...READ MORE

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Donkeyboy’s Energetic Sound Is Taking Off

April 14, 2018If you’ve been paying attention to music trends, you’ll notice how many bands and artists from Scandinavia are breaking into every major playlist. Donkeyboy is a four-piece synthpop band from Norway and their infectious energy...READ MORE

The Night Game Was Worth The Wait

April 4, 2018The pop-punk band Boys Like Girls was the soundtrack to my teenage years and was the beginning of my love affair with Martin Johnson. Fast forward to about this time last year and I received...READ MORE

Yoke Lore Is The Dreamy Music You Need

April 4, 2018Yoke Lore is the brainchild of Adrian Galvin. The vibe is dreamy soundscapes, with driving drums and a touch of a banjo. We caught up with Adrian after a slew of shows during SXSW.

Brasko Will Be Your New Obsession

March 30, 2018I was instantly hooked on Brasko when I first heard his song “Static” I love some Prince vibes in my music. His new song "TMYLM" is insanely catchy and he has this glam rock androgynous...READ MORE

The CLOVES Album Will Be Worth The Wait

March 29, 2018CLOVES has one of the most haunting voices I have ever heard in my life. In 2015 she released the dramatic song “Don’t Forget About Me,” and since then I’ve had a serious addiction. The...READ MORE

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