Annamaria’s Shimmering Soul Infused Pop Sound

March 21, 2018After headlining the 4th annual event “The Soirée” and releasing her first single, “Affection”, Annamaria‘s fame is on the rise. Originally from Greece, and now based in New York City, the seventeen-year-old is ready to...READ MORE

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Thirdstory Drop Their Soulful New Album Cold Heart

March 9, 2018Thirdstory just dropped their new album Cold Heart, and their soul influences make them instantly stand out. They've been associated with Tory Kelly and Chance The Rapper but now their rise is undeniable. 

St. Vincent’s Feat The Future Tour

February 27, 2018If you’ve ever considered going to a St. Vincent concert, do it, buy the tickets now and go. You’ll be greeted with one of the most cinematic shows you’ll ever see. Formally known as Annie...READ MORE

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Joywave Brings Content To Austin

March 9, 2018I remember interviewing Joywave last year and being so confused with their album title. “Is it conTENT or CONtent?” I asked sheepishly. “ConTENT, they responded.” This is the content age, but Joywave maintains the album...READ MORE

Diet Cig Puts On The Most Energetic Show

February 28, 2018Diet Cig played the outdoor stage at Sidewinder on one of the coldest nights of the year but the tiny venue was packed with people nevertheless. If you haven’t been following the pop-punk two piece...READ MORE

You Need To See A Mobley Show Now

January 30, 2018It’s hard for me to describe a Mobley show, you really have to be there. He’s a one-man act, during the show he plays the guitar, the drums, literally everything, and he does it without...READ MORE

Gin Wigmore Talks New Music and Motherhood

January 15, 2018Gin Wigmore’s voice is ridiculously captivating. She’s been busy in the studios working on her album due next year, but also she’s been very busy being a mom. Having relocated from New Zealand over 12...READ MORE

PHANGS Brings Us Into Happy Season

February 15, 2018Nashville Pop Artist, Phangs, is back with his new album Happy Season. Following his 2017 release of Get in My Arms, we find Jake Germany at a different point in life, in a happy season....READ MORE

Dree Mon Talks About Her Rebel Soul

February 6, 2018Dree Mon started her career as a dancer, and while she danced for big and small artists she couldn’t help but think she was meant to be in music.

Parade Of Lights Are Having A Moment

August 18, 2017Parade of Lights are having a moment, the indie pop band just released a new single “Touch” and it’s the first track they’ve released since their debut album Feeling Electric. You’ve definitely heard of them...READ MORE

Ella Vos Talks About Her Dreamy Music

January 18, 2018Not often would you find an artist as open and honest about their music as Ella Vos. Her ethereal aesthetic and uptempo pop beat make you feel like you're entering into a psychedelic Californian dream,...READ MORE