Ashley Brinton Is One To Watch

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With each rising artist, I realize how brave and fearless each young woman I interview is. 15-year-old Ashley Brinton is no exception. She’s definitely one of the ones to watch breaking out this summer. She just wrapped up her video for “All I Need” and I can already tell she’s going to be stuck in your head after today.

Brinton is back in school, but she made time for our interview. She tells me she’s always loved making music so she never really focused on how hard it would be to break into the industry. “I got really lucky when I think about it now,” says Brinton.

Maintaining a work-school balance seems to work pretty easy for Brinton, but she does tell me she gets sad when she has to go back to school. “I wish I could live in the studio,” she says. “I make sure I do well in school so I can get back in the recording studio as soon as possible.”

Brinton’s upcoming EP focuses on relationships with tracks like her premiere single “Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” focuses on the loyalty in relationships while “Trouble” is about being in a relationship with someone you know is bad for you. “Friends” talks about being there for friends no matter where in the world you are. “Wait For Love” is a love song, naturally, to tell your partner that it’s okay to wait and take your time in a relationship because love doesn’t happen overnight. “Let Me In” is a little party bop about confidence, and lastly, “Limits” is a reminder that you can do whatever you want and you should never back down or quit.

While still young, she’s already associated with big names like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey – her producer is none other than Cory Rooney. “My collaboration with Cory is purely magic. I am so lucky to be working with him.”

“I am an artist with my own individual style so I kept my music my own, but I definitely draw inspiration from iconic acts including Jennifer and Mariah.

Brinton’s ultimate goal is to create happy music and make people happy with her music. “I hope my EP inspires others. It’s hard with all the pressure on us. I just want everyone to have fun and let loose from daily stresses.”

She says, “ Every song has a positive message and is upbeat. I hope my fans love it. When my fans are happy I am over the moon!”

The one song that never fails to make Brinton happy is none other than Pharrell’s “Happy.”

Brinton’s advice for any young, aspiring artist is this, “Follow your dreams, work really hard and never give up. Love what you do everyday. Make music and get it out to as many people as possible.” She credits social media and says it’s a great vehicle now for getting music exposed to so many people.

While her EP is not set to release until this fall, you can watch the video for “All I Need” right here: