Women To The Front: King Marie and Dana Lu

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Last month in honor of Women’s History Month, audio software company Serato featured a series titled “Women to the Front” which was a series of short-form visualizers that celebrate the barrier-breaking stories of female DJs and producers. We interviewed King Marie and Dana Lu to discuss their starts in the industry and about being female powerhouses in the industry. King …

Getting To Know Zoe Ko

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Zoe Ko’s new song “EAT” is so fun. It’s campy and colorful and all the things you want pop music to be. We talked to her about the inspo behind the song and the direction behind the wild music video. How did you get started in music? Zoe: I’ve been singing and writing songs my whole life. I was an …

Kayla DiVenere: How To Date Yourself

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Kayla DiVenere’s song “Date Myself” is the self-love power anthem we all need. Her confidence radiates through her voice and you can just feel the energy through the music. We talked to her about the new song and her solo date ideas. How did you get started in music?  Kayla DiVenere: I’ve been involved with music for as long as …

Ashley Brinton Is One To Watch

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With each rising artist, I realize how brave and fearless each young woman I interview is. 15-year-old Ashley Brinton is no exception. She’s definitely one of the ones to watch breaking out this summer. She just wrapped up her video for “All I Need” and I can already tell she’s going to be stuck in your head after today.