DELUNE’s Wild West Side Highway

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DELUNE is the brainchild of two sisters and together they make the dreamiest music. We talked to them about about the West World vibes of their new video and their passion projects.

How did DELUNE come to fruition? 

We’ve been making music together since we were kids. Last year, we decided to go by the name DELUNE, which embodies multiple meanings to us. The name is a tribute to Debussy’s "Clair de Lune," a beautiful piano piece that inspired us both to create music. In French, “de lune” means “of the moon.” We’ve always felt very connected to the moon and night sky. As kids we used to stay up late in our shared bedroom and look out the window, dreaming, wishing, and talking. It’s also a double-entendre; deux (french, two) loons — two loonies, two crazies — that’s us! 

Is it ever difficult working with family? 

We wouldn’t have it any other way!

What has been one of the biggest challenges in your career? 

As writers, recording artists and producers, DELUNE mostly operates in an audio creative space. Translating our sound to a visual medium in this day of social media took some time — and we are still learning! We’ve been told that music is now a visual art form. We’re always looking to collaborate with visual artists who are able to convey our message through imagery. 

I love the vibe of “Wild West Side Highway” what drew you to the western influence?

New York City is kind of like the Wild Wild West: at once brimming with opportunity, and full of unpredictability and devastation. The extremes of modern day NYC seem similar to the extremes described by old American folklore of the Western Frontier. The legends of ambition and thirst for adventure, the lawlessness, the risk. We went to Columbia University, and spent our teenage and young adult years surfing the highs and lows of Gotham. This is our ode to Manhattan, set on the West Side Highway. 

You’re both also teaching artists! Can you tell me about your projects and why they’re important to you?

DELUNE’s overarching mission is to promote creative freedom in the world. Through our music, artwork, and workshops, we aim to build a community in which people feel free to express themselves. 

So much of art is experimentation -- throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks. A creative space must be unrestricted allowing the most outrageous, uncensored, authentic ideas to emerge without judgement. We've been lucky to have each other -- someone that listens, and encourages the voice within. Making music has been extraordinarily cathartic and healing for us. We wish to bring relief to others as well. 

Kate founded a performing arts program in a refugee camp in Berlin called “The Hutto Project,” named after our late high school choir director. Izzi joined after graduating. It was a transformative experience for us both. We have also worked as teaching artists on Rikers Island, through Urban Art Beat, and in various community centers around New York. It is inspiring to watch participants find their own creative voices — especially in circumstances where the group doesn’t otherwise readily have access to the arts. 

This will always be a part of who we are, and what we do. 

What’s your best piece of advice to young women?

Some thoughts for young people, from DELUNE: 

  1. Nothing is a substitute for hard work. 
  2. You are enough - exactly as you are. 
  3. Your questions are valid - keep challenging the structures in which you operate. 
  4. Your voice is needed. You are the future.
  5. Be kind. You never know what a difference it can make.

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram and watch their gorgeous video now.

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