How To Stay Sober At Shows And Have A Good Time

emilytreadgold #2, Editorial

We live in an interesting time. Music festivals have become more mainstream in our culture as generations young and old flock to events such as Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, and Coachella. People seem to find camaraderie in their shared tastes, often bonding over the bands they love. The greatest common factor for a large gathering of people at a festival is the love of music. But I’m here to talk about another factor that has a major impact on young people at these events.

How To Recover from Post Concert Depression

emilytreadgold #8, Editorial

Guys, post concert depression is real. You know the feeling. You’ve spent all the time looking forward to the show. You waited in line. You talked to fans. Then you cram into a tiny venue and rock out with like-minded people. Then as soon as the band leaves the stage you are left with this sadness. They’re gone and you’ll never see them again until next year. It’s like falling in love over and over again only to be broken up with at the end of the night. It’s sad and upsetting and you never feel like you fully enjoyed the moment. This happens to me frequently so I’ve come up with a few tips to recover quickly.