Keaton Simons Talks About His New EP 123 Go.

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Keaton Simons’ voice is unique to me in that it provides familiarity. Each song kind of takes you back to a particular time in your life. For me, it’s a feeling of being home. After moving across the country, his music kind of gave me a nostalgic feel.

His latest EP, 123 Go, is no different. While you may not know his name, you’ll definitely recognize his music. I actually told Keaton I remember his music from the television series, SUITS. He tells me he tries to be as honest and vulnerable as he can with his music. “By doing this, I feel like it embeds emotion in the foundation of everything I create,” says Simons.

When creating music, Simons tells me he starts with improvisation. “I find some cool chord changes or a riff then see what kind of melodies come out. Usually I’ll be singing gibberish lyrics at stage.” He says, “I make sure to record everything and when things start to feel right, I listen back and see what kind of interesting stories my subconscious is trying to tell me.”

For the last few years he was supporting Chris Cornell on his tour and he tells me this was when he really focused on production and playing. “This EP is bringing me back into focus as an artist,” he explains to me. “I made this record in Nashville and I think the vibe definitely shows.”

Simons credits many musicians for his inspiration and sound. “If I had to absolutely narrow it down, it would be The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and so on.”

Aside from being a talented musician, Simons is also an avid baker. He says, “I’ve started baking my own baguettes and they are delicious!”

Of course, he plans on touring. So stay tuned for those dates. Until then, stream his EP, 123 Go.