PALE WAVES Sparkling Show

emilytreadgold #3, Concert Reviews

PALE WAVES have been on quite the roll recently. The group create sparkling synth-pop that has you dancing all night. I was beyond stoked for their stop at Scoot Inn in Austin.

The Candescents started the night off right with a perfect precursor of indie-rock jams. Then Miya Frolick, who dropped her album the day of the show, blew us away. She seemed to shrift through heartbreaking ballads, punk, and dance numbers without a breath of air in between.

Pale Waves took the stage and the crowd was ready to dance. They went through their catalogue of magnetic songs. "Television Romance" was the perfect intro leading up to "Eighteen".

The song is one of their biggest hits yet, Heather Baron-Gracie, a dynamite front woman with heavily lined eyes and jet-black hair, careens into the mic, “I was eighteen when I met you Poured my heart out, spilt all my truth, I finally felt like I could feel for the first time, When I met you.”

That effortless honesty and bittersweetness is what makes them such a hit, especially with younger generations, but I saw people of all ages at Scoot Inn that night. It’s so refreshing to see two powerhouse women manning the mic in one night (Miya then Heather).

They go through their set with electric energy that keeps the audience on their toes, they spin into “One More Time” an honest cry for one last chance. “I just want you one more time. I just want you one more time. Won't you give me one last night? With you, with you."

This band is only getting bigger so if you get the chance see them now.