Mitski’s Anxious And Cathartic Show

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A complete silence came over Mohawk when Mitski took this stage. The darling of the indie music scene’s show was completely sold out. After putting out her critically acclaimed ‘Puberty 2’, Mitski has become the voice of every anxious girl transitioning into true adulthood, trying to find happiness and figure out her place in the world. Her emotionally honest lyrics and sweeping dramatic songs brought half of Austin out on a humid Wednesday night.

Hey Violet’s Concert Was An Electric Pink Hazy Dream

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I remember leaving 5 Seconds of Summer’s Sounds Live Feels Live tour last summer and telling my friends Hey Violet was on the brink of success. So would you believe that just eight months later I was hearing them perform sold-out show? When I saw the group, they were a four piece but now with newest bandmate, Ian Shipp, they’re on their first U.S. headlining tour and made a little stop in Dallas, Texas where they performed at the Cambridge Room in the House of Blues.

Pickle Juice & Melodrama: A Modest Mouse Concert

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It all started normally enough. With Honey-Nut Cheerios and Chipotle respectively inhaled, the usual kerfuffle of parking sorted out, and the journey to Comerica Theatre in downtown Phoenix accomplished, the roommate and I took some time to enjoy the scenery out front of the venue. Watching a guy yelling about selling tickets right next to a guy who was carrying on about needing tickets was one point of interest, and trying to guess which concert-goer went with what band was another.