H Kenneth: There Is Beauty In Imperfection

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H Kenneth is a new artist I’ve been introduced to that I just completely admire. He created this album off of inspiration from his own life. The botched chords, wrong notes, timing errors are real sounds from everyday life like the trains, sirens, and jangling dog collars. He’s very open with his audience and is transparent about his bipolar disorder because he wants to show that there is beauty in imperfection and neuro divergence. “This Is A Journal” is an ode to all of that.

New Music Alert: The Trews Civilianaires

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The Trews just released their highly-anticipated album Civilianaires. The band is known for their fresh rock sound. We chatted with them about what inspired the new project. How did you all meet? Well, the singer Colin is my older brother so I guess I met him the day I was born and I have no memory of meeting Jack either cause …

New Music Alert: Fickle Friends

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We are suckers for Fickle Friends. They just constantly make the most effervescent ear-wormy music. Seriously their album is one of our favorites and now they’re already coming back with new music. They just dropped their new song “Broken Sleep” which will also be the title of their next EP.

Sasha Sloan Is Our Favorite Sad Girl

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You don’t really think of Reddit as a place where pop stars are found, but that’s exactly where singer and songwriter Sasha Sloan was discovered. “My parents were painting the outside of our house and when they got to my window they wrote ‘dork’ in massive letters pointing to it, so I posted it online and it made it to the first page of Reddit. So then I posted my SoundCloud link in the comments and a couple weeks later I was signed as a writer,” explained Sloan.