Letters To Taylor Swift: Callie Carlucci

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The universe creates a full circle moment for Taylor Swift and me. Taylor came into my life when I was eleven. At a voice lesson, my voice coach said that the theme for the next recital would be country music. At the time, the only country artists I listened to were The Chicks. I told my voice teacher I wanted …

Letters To Taylor Swift: Carolina Caggiano

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Went to 4 concerts and now preparing to see her in Brazil! So our tour came to an end but here is #whatyoumademedo Taylor: 4 shows 4 cities 4 outfits 13 hours of shows 13 000 miles ( ATX – A&TT- ATX – GRU -MCO – TAMPA – ATX – NRG – ATX) Your eras tour was definitely a ThERASphy …

When Do Fans Go Too Far?

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In one of my most popular TikToks, I called a bunch of bands “boybands” to reference how when a group of young women love a band, they’re often overlooked until the men come around and claim them geniuses, i.e., The Beatles. In that video, I posted 5SOS, and their fans came at me in full force because heaven forbid 5SOS …

Women In Music: Jaime Billoti on mutuals Agency

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Jaime Bilotti is known for elevating the voices of fangirls everywhere with Fan To Band, and now with mutuals Agency she aims to further that initial mission and change the marketing game while she’s at it. We caught up with her to talk about her new venture and the challenges she’s faced.  Hi Jaime!! So glad to catch up!!! What …

An Interview with Hannah Ewens: Author of Fangirls

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Fangirls: Scenes from Modern Music Culture by Hannah Ewens really encapsulates everything we feel about fangirls in general. It’s about that pure love of an artist but also about the community and culture that surrounds the fandom. She covers everything from One Direction to My Chemical Romance, Elvis to Courtney Love. Fangirls have always had the ability to shift the …

Women In Music: Not Your Average Fangirls

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K-pop is taking over the charts and for good reason, the instantly earwormy songs, the throngs of screaming fans, the gorgeous, meticulous videos that will send you down a rabbit hole. K-pop is absolutely addicting and the community surrounding the genre is incredible. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen K-pop grow to be a worldwide phenomenon and their …

“Boy band” Isn’t An Insult, You Need To Get Over It

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When you think of boy bands, what comes to mind? One Direction? NSYNC? The Backstreet Boys? I recently posted a Tik Tok saying all bands with boys are boy bands, and people got very, VERY upset, mostly because I grouped in 5SOS (along with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin). According to comments, they can’t be a “boy …

2021 Is The Year Of The Fan: An Interview With Fan To Band

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The stigma that surrounds the term “Fangirl” has never been lost on us, but in 2021, it’s evident that fangirls are (still) controlling the music industry and they’re always ahead-of-the-curve on the next big thing. We talked to Jaime Bilotti about Fan To Band, which aims to not only hype up fans but get fans to work directly with the …

10 Years Of One Direction: What It Means To Us

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We could not let One Direction’s 10-Year Anniversary go by without saying anything. It’s actually how we all became connected and stayed as close as we have. My favorite part about the group is that all of our individual fan stories are just as unique as each of the members themselves. We talked to other fans across the world and …

Your Guide To Musical Mansplaining

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The other day I was at a show with my friend and this guy across from me took an interest in my opinions on music. By “took an interest” I mean he decided to tell me how everything I was saying was stupid and I obviously didn’t know what I was talking about, but since he was older and man he understood ~the industry~ way more than little me. Now, here at The New Nine, we believe that everyone’s opinions on music are valid, but we especially like to stand up for young women because so few music publications do.