Katie Costello Brings Us To A New World

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Katie Costello has an otherworldly vibe about her. Her voice has been compared to Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor. She has such a unique vision and way of looking at music and her new EP “New World” is unique and interesting.

Katie started writing songs when she was 12, she started with lyrics and melodies and would later pick up the guitar and the piano. Her songwriting eventually turned into her album Kaleidoscope, and everything took off from there.

She says, “Pretty much every song I write is inspired by a completely different series of events. It has been the focus of my life. Every song comes out totally different. Life experiences whether I like them or not, they shape a lot of what I write about. A lot of the things I’ve gone through as an artist have given me a greater sensitivity to what people go through and the difficulties they face. For me music has been a major source of therapy, it helps me understand the events in my life. Sometimes I write about other people and their lives from my angle.”

Katie says she’s constantly trying to find new inspiration and she turns not only to people but music and movies. Her new EP “New World” is a new journey for her and shows how her music and songwriting have evolved.

She says, “It’s very upbeat and positive. It’s about looking at life and using the circumstances of your life and transform them into something beautiful and approaching every day. It’s about being true to yourself and being connected to the world around you.”

If her new EP isn’t enough, Katie has cofounded a new label Rebel Pop that was created to ensure that authenticity stayed in music and that the artist’s’ creative process wouldn’t be hindered or damaged during recording.

She explains, “Getting familiar with the nature of the industry and the way that most record labels work, I didn’t feel very satisfied with the model and the relationship that typically artists have with their record label. It’s sad but it’s true, and most of the times it’s not a good relationship between the artist and the label. Sometimes people don’t follow the golden rule; do business practices that they want done to themselves. A lot of the creativity goes out the window and there’s a lot of red tape and numbers games that ends up hurting the creative process. We felt we wanted to take a different route and different tone. Although we’re a small label we want to be authentic and that’s how well attract fans and artist. It will feel best to grow as a label when our motivation and sentiment behind it is honoring the creative process.”

But that’s not enough for Katie, she’s working on a full length album that will be released in October called “Twice The Love” and “even more songs in the oven” so we can expect a lot from her. She describes them as “upbeat tracks with a message that want to make people feel happy” and I think we can all get behind that.

As for her best piece of advice, Katie says advice is great but make sure you know when to take it and when to hold your ground. She adds, “Be open minded and absorb everything that everyone says to you, but always have a firm center and a firm ground within yourself. Be open but at the same time be firm in knowing who you are.”

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