Sigrid’s Vibe Cannot Be Killed

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As an avid cat meme enthusiast, I’m glad Norwegian pop star, Sigrid, can relate. Since breaking the U.S. charts with her single, “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” she’s been to countless cities to perform her music. She’s so humble and credits her team for their hard work and promoting her music on platforms like Apple Music’s Up Next Program. “It’s been really helpful, and most importantly – crazy fun,” she says.

If you haven’t listened to her EP yet, I really don’t know what you’re doing with your life. When I first listened to it in it’s entirety, I was taken aback at how intricately structured each song was. It’s amazing to hear a twenty-year old so sure of herself and speaking exactly what was on her mind.

When I asked Sigrid if she intentionally made an album with a few clap backs, she only laughed. She says, “Dynamite” isn’t so much about someone bringing her down as much as it is about finding how hard it is to combine personal and private life.

“Yeah, the EP is based on personal experiences, except “Fake Friends,” which is probably the only song I’ve written that isn’t personal. It’s co-written with Martin Sjølie. We just liked the idea of fake friends,” says Sigrid.

All you have to do is listen the lyrics to her songs and you feel empowered. Sigrid is real and blunt and that’s what draws me to her songs and as an artist. She tells me it’s something she always thinks about in the studio. She says, “I don’t like outing people, but I love lyrics that have a grit to them and that are honest and raw.”

She says, “As long as I don’t hurt anyone, I’m totally fine with writing frank and blunt lyrics. I’ve figured out that songwriting for me about telling personal stories in such a general way that other people can see themselves in the lyrics.”

She tells me she vividly remembers writing “Don’t Kill My Vibe” with Sjølie. “We were just in his studio in Oslo, and I kept making excuses for writing honestly about how it felt and then it struck me that the message was too important to be polite.” She laughs and says, I guess that’s where ‘I tried to be nice, but’ comes from.”

When it comes to finding inspiration, Sigrid tells me she draws it from a majority of her interpersonal relationships and when she thinks on her hikes.

Since her success she’s been everywhere – festivals, radio tours, and late night show appearances. She’s in love with all of it. She’s so excited for the festivals this summer. She says, “We get to see so many cool places and my favorite artists, but I gotta admit it it was a bummer listening to HONNE from our soundcheck a couple of weeks ago. And I get to hang out with my band and best friends.”

She tells me late night shows are really cool. She adds, “They’re something I’ve never done before. I’m very grateful to get the opportunity to do all of this!”

Her best piece of advice is, “You do have a voice and an opinion that matters, and you should never let anyone tell you otherwise.”

The year may be halfway over, but she’s got so much to do – touring, more promos, writing sessions, new music, and most importantly, cat memes. She’s very excited and we are too!

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