The End Of The Age Of Rock Stars

emilytreadgold #2, Features

When you think of the rockstar trope, what comes to mind? Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, David Bowie, the classic male archetypes in immaculate outfits, swaggering onstage in front of an awe-struck crowd. The darker side of the rockstar lore, the underaged girls, is the side of history people try to forget. They cover it up by saying it was a …

The Transformative Power Of Kitten

emilytreadgold #6, Features

Chloe Chaidez is whispering to me the entire time we talk, she needs to save her voice for the show. She whispers, “My dad was a musician, he was a drummer so he introduced me to a lot of great bands. I was a gymnast so we’d have these long drives to my gym and he’d play records and it was something I really gravitated towards.”