Jenna Raine Spreads Happiness And Inspires Young Girls While On Tour with In Real Life

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A major girl power moment happened in Washington, DC prior to In Real Life taking the stage. Jenna Raine inspired and empowered the crowd of largely teenage girls. Her enthusiasm and clear passion for her work sets her apart and is such a breath of fresh air in the industry. At just 15-years-old, Jenna embodies the confidence of every mega …

Three Shows And Two Days With In Real Life

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The criticism that often comes with boybands is the idea that some industry professional snags five boys and contracts them to put out a few albums. The thing about In Real Life is that’s not totally​ wrong. ABC launched a reality competition show called “Boyband” and the winners… well, they were put into a boyband. While they are continuing this …

In Real Life Drops How Badly

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If you’re like me and watched Boy Band on ABC last year, you are likely familiar with In Real Life. And if not, you may have heard of some of its members – beginning on the show, Brady Tutton, Chance Perez, Drew Ramos, Sergio Calderon and Michael Conor have all grown impressive followings on their own, too. All beginning as individual vocalists on the show, they were the final five and ultimately, after competing against each other on the show, formed what we now know as In Real Life.