Free The Streets: How GEO Pivoted To Support Their Community

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One of our favorite events that we always looked forward to was the GeoMetro Party. We’d dance all night, watch outstanding performances, surrounded by like-minded people. We haven’t been to a party for a long time, but they were some of our favorite memories and always a way to discover the best new artists on the scene. GEO founders Jarvis …

The Jacks: Rock ‘n’ Roll with a Modern Twist

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It seems rare these days to see a band that doesn’t have some sort of synthesizer on stage with them. The evolution of electronic music has bled seamlessly into pop, rock, rap, and indie music making it possible to replicate a variety of preconstructed beats and sounds. But California rock group, The Jacks, have made a conscious decision to stick with a more straightforward approach; “Our goal is to never have a computer on stage,” said bassist, Scott Stone, quickly adding, “Not that there’s anything wrong with bands who do that, we just really want to just keep it to four guys and four instruments.”