Lewis Capaldi, the King of Sunglasses and Ballads

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When I spoke with the bonus Jonas member, Lewis Capaldi, about the success of his debut album, he told me it was a bit unexpected and, while laughing, adds, “The general draw for creating the album was that I had signed a record deal and was contractually obligated to create one.” This is the energy you get from Lewis. I …

New Music Alert: Lewis Capaldi’s Tough

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If Lewis Capaldi isn’t a household name on your playlists, he should be. Niall Horan is a fan, Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer is a fan, and even the soulful Sam Smith loves the guy. Once you hear his music, it’s no surprise he’s infections. His single, “Tough” dropped recently and he told me about it plus his other plans for the rest of the year.