New Music Alert: Lo’s “Naked”

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We first fell in love with Lo about a couple of months ago with “Drumline,” but I cannot express how much I love her latest, “Naked.” Vulnerability and relationships have never been my thing, but this song convinces me otherwise. It’s an invitation to be open and be real with whatever relationship you’re experiencing because in the end something great might come out of it.

Before you ask, yes she produced this herself, too. She does it all so add this to your playlist now!

KINGDM’s Dreamy Voice Will Have You Hooked

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About two summers ago, I had this song, “Baby” on all my playlists. It’s really come full circle with the artist I’m about to rave to you about. While he’s yet to release an EP or LP, chances are you’ve definitely heard KINGDM’s smooth voice. He’s steadily dropping new hits so we want to get all the details before his next single! Seriously, if you aren’t already listening to him you need to start right now.

New Music Alert: Lewis Capaldi’s Tough

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If Lewis Capaldi isn’t a household name on your playlists, he should be. Niall Horan is a fan, Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer is a fan, and even the soulful Sam Smith loves the guy. Once you hear his music, it’s no surprise he’s infections. His single, “Tough” dropped recently and he told me about it plus his other plans for the rest of the year.

Dreamy And Haunting Soundscapes From Sam Valdez

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One of the things I love most about music is its ability to transport you somewhere through sound. Listening to Sam Valdez’s debut EP, Mirage, feels like driving through the desert at night with your windows down. It lives somewhere in between reality and dreams. Inspired by 90’s shoegaze and Americana legends, she mixes raw emotion with ethereal guitar riffs that blend together in a hazey perfection.

New Music Alert: CAPPA

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I’m a sucker for feel-good pop music and with CAPPA, I got exactly that. This confident, powerful artist dropped her latest single, “Tension” a couple of weeks ago and it’s the perfect addition to my summer playlist. Seriously, she needs no introduction. Just listen to her music and meet your latest obsession.

A Complete Review Of 5SOS Youngblood

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Sam and Kasey here, your go-to 5SOS fangirls. So, it’s been about three years since 5 Seconds of Summer graced us with an album and two years since they presented us with a single. Don’t get us wrong, we both still continue to belt out “Girls Talk Boys” as the anthem that brought our friendship together, but we’ve been anticipating new music since July of 2016.