Elohim Gears Up for Spring Tour

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Elohim is pretty mysterious, but her music is unmistakable and she's playing every major festival this year. We talked to the Fuck Your Money singer and producer about her creative process, pre-show rituals, and what fans can expect from her upcoming tour.

Ashley: Fuck Your Money has gotten a great public response so far, and it feels like such an anthem. What was the writing and producing process like compared to other songs you've worked on?

Elohim: Fuck Your Money came from a very real deeply rooted place so it pretty much just poured out of me. I was driving home one day and like magic I sang to myself, “I got love fuck your money." I think i was screaming in the car at one point. My brain wouldn't stop, ideas just kept flowing out of my mouth. So I let it happen and wrote most of the songs lyrics, melody and instrumental ideas in the car. I immediately drove to the studio to put the vocal down and start producing the track. It is really wonderful when you can't stop the creative juices and they fly out of you like butterflies. Every time I write is a different unique experience, and that is one of the reasons why music is so special.

Ashley: Now that you've been in the public eye for a while, how do you feel about preserving your privacy compared to when you first started out?

Elohim: I have a very close relationship with many people that listen to my music. We've become quite close friends. To me, the connection we share is more important than anything. Preserving my privacy (to an extent) has given me peace of mind and the freedom to create with absolutely no boundaries. The world I escape to when I create music is the same world that I invite others to explore with me freely together as one. The music is my main concern, and I feel that I've been able to express that while maintaining and nurturing my mental health.  

Ashley: Your next tour starts up in a couple of weeks. Do you have any pre-show rituals or must have items on the road?

Elohim: About an hour before the show I shut off from the world and zone in on my purpose and what I want to give to the audience. This pre-show ritual helps to limit the amount of stimulation I receive in preparation for going out there and giving my all. I also always keep peppermint oil with me. It helps me calm down and keeps my mind focused.

Ashley: How would you describe your live shows to fans who have never seen you perform before?

Elohim: It is an immersive experience and a world to walk in and escape to. Leaving baggage at the door and becoming one with the music and journey. There is a lot of love, light, visual stimulation and movement. We laugh, we dance, we cry, we love and we leave together.

Ashley: You're playing Coachella and Bonnaroo this year! How do you prepare for playing to such an insane festival crowd, and what are you most excited about?

Elohim: I like to have fun at festivals with my set, getting people to move and feel. I try to make the same connection with the humans there that I create at my more intimate shows. One of the uniquely awesome things about festivals is no matter how big or small of an artist you are, there are always music lovers there discovering your music for the first time. It always feels special to share that moment.

Ashley: Can we look forward to any other new music coming soon?

Elohim: A lot of new music and experiences are coming very soon. I am beyond excited to share, I could burst into a million stars!

Elohim’s tour kicks off in Atlanta on March 8th! Get tickets here. 

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