Beyond The Sun On What’s Later In Life

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I am obsessed with the sounds of Beyond the Sun, and getting to talk to them even in the middle of the pandemic was just as energetic over zoom as it would be over coffee. We talked about their track, Later In Life and how the previous year was able to put things into perspective and what we can expect …

Beyond The Sun Is Moving On Momentum

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Beyond The Sun has been on a rise lately and their new song “Holding On To You” is absolutely perfect. Seriously, we can’t get enough of it. We talked to them about the new music and what their main focus is right now. Tell me about the new video for “Holding On To You” – what was the vision behind …

Beyond The Sun Bring Back The Shuffle

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Think back to your first ipod/iphone. Think about all of your music you had and the times you would just hit shuffle to see what comes up. For a lot of us, this was how we developed our musical taste. We didn’t stick to one genre for an entire setting, hardly ever. Some of my fondest memories of high school were driving around blaring All Time Low, T-Pain, and Dashboard.