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What happens when you get Migos, Lil Uzi Vert , Gucci Mane , Snow Tha Product and Chance the Rapper all in the span of 10 hours? You get JMBLYA. Pronounced just like the dish “jambalaya”, JMBLYA is just that, an eclectic hip-hop/EDM mix of musical meat and veggies that somehow tastes so good to your ears. While I have my issues with the way that some aspects of the festival played out, overall I feel satisfied. Not as full as I should have felt after I left, but satisfied. Instead of focusing solely on the musical acts of the festival, I’m going to go through some logistics and overall feel of the show.

Pitchfork Festival 2015

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Pitchfork Festival has been a must on my list for a while. The bands are more obscure the crowd is more…hmm…what’s the polite word… selective? Asides from the rain that had us temporarily stranded in the streets, the fest was a success. I ate a vegan corn dog and had a variety of hard ciders and I laughed when people thought it was hot outside. Chicago is full of wimps, just kidding, I couldn’t’ do winter here so we’ll call it even.