Catching Up With Mobley At Hangout Fest

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When our editor here at the New Nine told me to check out Mobley at Hangout Fest, I said “Mobley Who?” Mobley, an Austin-based one-man show, just came out with “Fresh Lies, Vol. I,” an enticing upbeat musical jolt of energy that catches you by the ears and has you dancing from start to finish. Mobley refers to “Fresh Lies, Vol. I” as a song cycle rather than an album, because it’s a part of a story project that he will continue for the rest of his career.

All Of Our Favorites From Hangout Fest 2018

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Hangout Fest was hands down the best music festival I’ve been to thus far: the lineup, the hangs, the hospitality, THE BEACH! Everything down to the last detail was perfect and added up to a fun experience that I would never trade for anything. Driving eight hours from Houston to Gulf Shores on an incredibly tight budget was worth it.

You Need To See A Mobley Show Now

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It’s hard for me to describe a Mobley show, you really have to be there. He’s a one-man act, during the show he plays the guitar, the drums, literally everything, and he does it without missing a beat. This isn’t even the thing that impresses me the most, the production and the music both are astounding. His songs will be stuck in your head for days on end. I mean it when I say he’s the next big thing, not only in Austin, this is national.