All Of Our Favorites From Hangout Fest 2018

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Hangout Fest was hands down the best music festival I’ve been to thus far: the lineup, the hangs, the hospitality, THE BEACH! Everything down to the last detail was perfect and added up to a fun experience that I would never trade for anything. Driving eight hours from Houston to Gulf Shores on an incredibly tight budget was worth it.

HDBeenDope Is Making A Name For Himself

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Over 4,000 miles away from his home in New York, Darius Henry- AKA HDBeenDope- is about to take the stage after preparing for a 15 minute set. He sits in a hookah lounge and awaits his performance time. The slot keeps getting pushed back and he waits with anticipation. Suddenly, the promoter for the show calls HD’s DJ to say “You’ve got to do an hour!” Too many people have come just to see him perform in Paris, France. He thinks, “How the f**k am I supposed to do an hour?” when he didn’t prepare for that.