Review: Yungblud At The Parish

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Yungblud in on track to be the biggest rockstar of Gen Z. The British artist released his LP 21st Century Liability last July, and garnered the attention of pop star Halsey, which lead to their collaboration on “11 minutes,” featuring Travis Barker. He’s sold out shows across the UK and US, and has already amassed more than 140 million streams …

You Need To Know About YUNGBLUD

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If you’re on the Lolla high like most of us are, you’ve probably seen YUNGBLUD’s set and ridiculously energizing stage presence. I never thought to mix hip hop with punk rock, but whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it right. He’s an artist you’ll want to start getting connected to now because it’s not going to be long until he headlines his own arena shows. Also, his debut album is already out now so you’ve got to check it out.