LOVA Gets Real About Overcoming Insecurities

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LOVA has been getting a ton of attention with her dreamy music. She talks about feminism and body positivity in a way that’s honest and relatable. She’s playing alongside Zara Larsson, ALMA, and Icona Pop at the Queens of Pop festival in Sweden and is bound to be a hit. We talked to the up-and-coming artist about overcoming her insecurities and the inspiration behind her songs.

A Pilot With A Fear Of Heights: An Interview With Felicity

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I’ll be honest, I listen to a lot of songs. I feel like it can be easy to be jaded by music and say everything sounds the same, but I’m being completely honest when I say I cannot stop listening to Felicity’s song “Pilot with a Fear of Heights.” The title caught my attention and the chorus quickly became stuck in my head. I listened to it on loop all day.

Getting Close With 4th Ave

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Most of you probably watched ABC’s show “Boyband” in which Rita Ora, Nick Carter and Timbaland all worked to create the next sensational boyband. The four men I’m about to introduce to you all met on the show and had instant chemistry. While they weren’t the final group, Jaden Gray, Camry Jackson, Mikey Jimenez and Marcus Pendleton created their own group known as 4th Ave. Their vibes are kind of like Boyz II Men meets Brockhampton, and their lyrics relate to fans of all ages.

Izzy Escobar gives you the power to fly with “Broken Wings”

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Only eighteen and already making a huge statement, Izzy Escobar stuns with a gorgeous new video for her song “Broken Wings”. A Massachusetts native, Escobar is making waves with her powerful voice and uplifting outlook on transforming pain into something healing and beautiful, and reminding us that “the hardships that we, as humans, endure allow us to fly with ‘Broken Wings’.”

New Music Alert: Lo’s “Naked”

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We first fell in love with Lo about a couple of months ago with “Drumline,” but I cannot express how much I love her latest, “Naked.” Vulnerability and relationships have never been my thing, but this song convinces me otherwise. It’s an invitation to be open and be real with whatever relationship you’re experiencing because in the end something great might come out of it.

Before you ask, yes she produced this herself, too. She does it all so add this to your playlist now!

KINGDM’s Dreamy Voice Will Have You Hooked

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About two summers ago, I had this song, “Baby” on all my playlists. It’s really come full circle with the artist I’m about to rave to you about. While he’s yet to release an EP or LP, chances are you’ve definitely heard KINGDM’s smooth voice. He’s steadily dropping new hits so we want to get all the details before his next single! Seriously, if you aren’t already listening to him you need to start right now.

New Music Alert: Lewis Capaldi’s Tough

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If Lewis Capaldi isn’t a household name on your playlists, he should be. Niall Horan is a fan, Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer is a fan, and even the soulful Sam Smith loves the guy. Once you hear his music, it’s no surprise he’s infections. His single, “Tough” dropped recently and he told me about it plus his other plans for the rest of the year.