Sky Renee’s Empowering Song About Body Positivity

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“Body Positivity” is a word that gets tossed around a lot and it’s crazy that we all have these weird issues with our bodies. It can be easy to just stare at yourself and judge every small thing, it’s something I’m guilty of and it’s something I know my friends struggle with. That’s why I was so excited to hear Sky Renee’s new song “Mirror,” the song is about her struggle with body dysmorphia and how she finally got over it through music.

The Trouble With Labels – An Interview With Isabelle

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Isabelle is an up-and-comer pushing her way to the front of the crowd. At the end of September she released a music video for her single “Unlabeled”, a body-positive anthem that praises acceptance of all backgrounds and extols the virtues of inner beauty. It’s a song that I wish had come out when I hit puberty. Perhaps then I would have felt more in tune with my plus-size figure and avoided the toxic yo-yo dieting where eating a bag of unsalted popcorn counted as a meal.