Coachella 2019: Our Favorites Acts

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I was lucky enough to attend Beychella last year so I knew this year’s had to be something special. Needless to say, this year did not disappoint either. I’m not sure if it’s the heat, but there’s an overwhelming feeling about setting foot onto the grounds and being greeted by all the colorful art exhibits. It almost makes me forget …

Everything That Happened at Coachella 2018

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Coachella is truly a magical festival. The sprawling scene is so large that my friend’s Fitbit countered over 20 miles that we walked. Coachella’s allure starts with the location: the desert sky, the mountains in the background dotted by art installations, the hot but dry weather, it’s truly beautiful.

Prepping For Coachella 2018

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Coachella, the master festival that kicks off the season. Coachella is extremely expensive and notorious for their difficult tickets and crowds of social media influencers. This year it’s also known for one of the sickest lineups out there. Samantha and I will be covering the madness both weekends so make sure to follow along on Instagram @thenewnine9.

Our Favorite Acts From Lost Lake 2017

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I was beyond excited for Lost Lake this year. The festival is run by the same people who do Outside Lands and Bonnaroo so you knew it was going to be good. The whole set up was stunning and the lineup was perfect. There was a huge outdoor game set up for when you’re between acts, which I was never because there were so many great shows going on all the time. The fest also featured plenty of visual arts to go along with the music. And of course we hit up the food and bars too. All around it’s been about time that a fest of this nature hit Phoenix.

Our Entire SXSW Recap

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I was so equally excited and nervous for SXSW this year. I think it is hands-down the most important music event of the year. The bands that are performing aren’t your usual festival round-makers, they’re up-and-comers, and there’s just endless possibilities to meet new people in the industry. All opportunities await!

Engulfed By The Darkness And Euphoria Of HÆLOS

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HÆLOS seem to have emerged out of thin air. The mysterious electronic band consisting of Lotti Benardout, Arthur Delaney, and Dom Goldsmith just released their album ‘Full Circle’ in March. Their music is cinematic and spacey, designed for how you feel after a long night. They wanted to capture the feeling of “treading the line between darkness and euphoria.” That’s exactly what it does, it completely engulfs you.