How To Dress Like Alison Mosshart

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Alison Mosshart is a fashion icon at this point. Something I love about Alison besides her phenomenal music and general amazingness, is that her style is so distinctive. You can always pick out a few key elements that are so Alison. She is in The Kills, she is in The Dead Weather, she is my idea of perfection. I feel like her music is the soundtrack to my life. If it could just play in my head all the time that would be perfectly fine.

The Badass Women Of Coachella

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Coachella, you beautiful mega-festival that has catapulted itself into a crazy cultural phenomenon, I can’t wait to attend you this year. On that note, I also can’t wait to see so many artists that I admire. Someone told me “no one goes to the day shows,” well I do! Coachella has also received some negative press for not including enough …

Free Press Summer Fest 2014

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FPSF is so crazy because it is in Houston in the middle of summer. This year we were struck with a pretty powerful storm and we all had to evacuate. We all sat in the parking garage until we were cleared to go back in. I was lucky enough to get the “Fancy Pants” tickets and they were worth it because air conditioning is ALWAYS worth it in Houston.