How To Dress Like Alison Mosshart

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Alison Mosshart is a fashion icon at this point. Something I love about Alison besides her phenomenal music and general amazingness, is that her style is so distinctive. You can always pick out a few key elements that are so Alison. She is in The Kills, she is in The Dead Weather, she is my idea of perfection. I feel like her music is the soundtrack to my life. If it could just play in my head all the time that would be perfectly fine.

The Badass Women Of Coachella

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Coachella, you beautiful mega-festival that has catapulted itself into a crazy cultural phenomenon, I can’t wait to attend you this year. On that note, I also can’t wait to see so many artists that I admire. Someone told me “no one goes to the day shows,” well I do! Coachella has also received some negative press for not including enough …

If You Don’t Like Tidal, You’re Doing It Wrong

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Tidal is a music aficionado’s dream.

It isn’t a competitor to Spotify or Apple music. It’s a completely different entity. Tidal is artist-curated not a computer algorithm. So instead of seeing a broad range of music you’ll find Beyonce’s Festival Favorites or a catalog of artists from Third Man Records.

New Artists
By no means is Tidal just Jay- Z all the time, Tidal Rising puts a spotlight on new, emerging artists and helps them break into the mainstream. The Tidal Discovery program helps listeners discover new artists through monthly playlists and there have been talks of a series of Discovery concerts.