If You Don’t Like Tidal, You’re Doing It Wrong

emilytreadgold #5, Editorial

Tidal is a music aficionado’s dream.

It isn’t a competitor to Spotify or Apple music. It’s a completely different entity. Tidal is artist-curated not a computer algorithm. So instead of seeing a broad range of music you’ll find Beyonce’s Festival Favorites or a catalog of artists from Third Man Records.

New Artists
By no means is Tidal just Jay- Z all the time, Tidal Rising puts a spotlight on new, emerging artists and helps them break into the mainstream. The Tidal Discovery program helps listeners discover new artists through monthly playlists and there have been talks of a series of Discovery concerts.

How To Recover from Post Concert Depression

emilytreadgold #8, Editorial

Guys, post concert depression is real. You know the feeling. You’ve spent all the time looking forward to the show. You waited in line. You talked to fans. Then you cram into a tiny venue and rock out with like-minded people. Then as soon as the band leaves the stage you are left with this sadness. They’re gone and you’ll never see them again until next year. It’s like falling in love over and over again only to be broken up with at the end of the night. It’s sad and upsetting and you never feel like you fully enjoyed the moment. This happens to me frequently so I’ve come up with a few tips to recover quickly.

Free Press Summer Fest 2014

emilytreadgold Festivals

FPSF is so crazy because it is in Houston in the middle of summer. This year we were struck with a pretty powerful storm and we all had to evacuate. We all sat in the parking garage until we were cleared to go back in. I was lucky enough to get the “Fancy Pants” tickets and they were worth it because air conditioning is ALWAYS worth it in Houston.