New Music Alert: RJ Word

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RJ Word is captivating. His shimmering songs get stuck in your head instantly and he has so much charisma. His new song “What You Need” has this disco feel to it and makes you want to dance. We talk to RJ about his signature sound and the meaning behind the song.

Findlay Is The Femme Rockstar You Need In Your Life

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I’ve looped “Electric Bones” on my phone for what seems like my entire life at this point. Also, if you know me and you know this video you’ll recognize that Findlay is literally THE girl for white power suit inspiration. Natalie Findlay has toured with Iggy Pop, Karen Elson, and Brandon Flowers. She was also personally asked by Mick Jagger to play the Serpentine party in London. I just have such a soft spot for badass rockstar women. Her sound is a little rock, a little pop, a little garage and a little blues, but she’s ballsy af and cooler than I’ll ever be.

HDBeenDope Is Making A Name For Himself

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Over 4,000 miles away from his home in New York, Darius Henry- AKA HDBeenDope- is about to take the stage after preparing for a 15 minute set. He sits in a hookah lounge and awaits his performance time. The slot keeps getting pushed back and he waits with anticipation. Suddenly, the promoter for the show calls HD’s DJ to say “You’ve got to do an hour!” Too many people have come just to see him perform in Paris, France. He thinks, “How the f**k am I supposed to do an hour?” when he didn’t prepare for that.