New Music Alert: Alex Stern’s “Fingers Crossed”

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I rarely cover country music, but I absolutely adore Alex Stern. Her songwriting is so relatable, emotional, and vulnerable. Her latest single, “Fingers Crossed” is a little more forceful than her previous singles, but in the best way. Her vocals are so strong in this one that you know she’s a woman not to be messed with. My favorite thing about her is she’s so wise beyond her years and I’m always thrilled and excited to premiere anything of hers.

Jessie Munro Talks Breakups And New Music

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Jessie Munro’s latest EP may be one of my favorites this year. It perfectly combines classic sounds with a modern twist, but more impressively, she made the EP with the help of her ex, the same ex the EP is about. If that seems crazy, it is, but nothing has made more sense to me. Sometimes the people that hurt us the most do so because they understand us the most.

LANY Pop-Up X Malibu Nights Release

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A little over two years ago, I had a friend send me a LANY’s “current location” because I was venting about a particular situation in my life and somehow this was the perfect song to get me through the summer. Since then, my love for this band has only grown and watching them sell two nights in a row in their hometown of Los Angeles has been the greatest thing.

Super American Release Tequila Sunrise

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One of my favorite tracks this summer, hands down, was “Hands Down Olivia”, the lead single for indie-rock duo Super American. Hailing from Buffalo, NY, the duo are slated to release their new album Tequila Sunrise via Take This To Heart Records. We got a chance to listen to the album and wanted to share some thoughts and insight into why you should add this to any playlist or road trip.