Disco Shrine Sheds A Light On Being The Child Of Immigrants

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Jessica Delijani, aka Disco Shrine, blends together sparkling melodies and somber lyrics so effortlessly. She’s a renowned DJ, and a powerful voice for immigrants, especially during this difficult time in America. We talked about the moving story behind her song “Up In The Air” and the follow-up track “Everyday” which is out now.

Social House On Magic In The Hamptons

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Pittsburgh duo Social House comprised of Michael “Mikey” Foster and Charles “Scootie” Anderson have written and produced songs for prominent artists ranging from Ariana Grande to Jennifer Lopez, but they’ve recently created a name for themselves, too. Their single, “Magic In The Hamptons Ft. Lil Yachty” placed this group on the map. I got to chat with Scootie and Mikey …

DELUNE’s Wild West Side Highway

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DELUNE is the brainchild of two sisters and together they make the dreamiest music. We talked to them about about the West World vibes of their new video and their passion projects. How did DELUNE come to fruition?  We’ve been making music together since we were kids. Last year, we decided to go by the name DELUNE, which embodies multiple …

Brooke Moriber Is Moving On From The Past

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From Broadway to the music industry, Brooke Moriber’s “clarion voice” continues to astound with her new music video for “The Last Goodbye.” With her signature powerhouse vocals, she writes on “finding the strength it takes to walk away from a toxic relationship and never look back.”

It’s Impossible To Be Sad Listening To Crush Club

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Crush Club is like what summer sounds like in music form. The duo creates high-energy sparkling tracks that instantly hook you. We talked to them about their tour and the sweet inspiration behind their song “Higher.” How did Crush Club form? Le Chev: It’s a classic big city story.  A couple misfit artists trying to find their way, we met …