New Music Alert: Lemaitre

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Lemaitre is comprised of Norwegian duo Ketil Jansen and Urik Denizou. Their latest, “Big” is following “Rocket Girl” with a Betty Who feature and if you know anything about me, you know I love Betty. Ketil says, “We were all on a Beatles vibe that day and wanted to try something that kind of sounded like that, but also sounded electronic and fresh. There are a lot of weird, out-of-tune sounds in the song, but big electronic drums playing the backbeat. For the outro, we played our own brass instruments (we can’t really play), to get a fun vibe going.

Super American Release Tequila Sunrise

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One of my favorite tracks this summer, hands down, was “Hands Down Olivia”, the lead single for indie-rock duo Super American. Hailing from Buffalo, NY, the duo are slated to release their new album Tequila Sunrise via Take This To Heart Records. We got a chance to listen to the album and wanted to share some thoughts and insight into why you should add this to any playlist or road trip.

New Music Alert: The Trews Civilianaires

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The Trews just released their highly-anticipated album Civilianaires. The band is known for their fresh rock sound. We chatted with them about what inspired the new project. How did you all meet? Well, the singer Colin is my older brother so I guess I met him the day I was born and I have no memory of meeting Jack either cause …

Plastic Picnic: Sad Music You Can Dance To

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I first met Brooklyn based indie-pop band, Plastic Picnic at a dive bar on the Tuesday of SXSW this past March. I didn’t even mean to go to that showcase, but I was hooked the second they played a Police cover, and lead singer, Emile Panerio, left the stage to give the audience fist bumps. They had a contagious sort of joy that was hard not to give into, and my friends and I found ourselves dancing along to songs we had never heard before, but somehow felt we already knew. By the end of the week, I had seen Plastic Picnic four times and still wasn’t sick of them.

Dreamers Are Taking Over

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After the recent release of Screws and embarking on a headlining tour across the U.S., Dreamers is poised to make waves this year. The rock/alternative band, made up of lead singer Nick Wold, drummer Jacob Wick and bassist Marc Nelson, released their first single in 2014 and an album in 2016, even hitting the festival circuit in recent years to further elevate them with fans and new audiences alike. In advance of their tour, we chatted with Dreamers about how they’ve progressed over the years, their upcoming plans for new music and what to get excited about from their live show.