DELUNE’s Wild West Side Highway

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DELUNE is the brainchild of two sisters and together they make the dreamiest music. We talked to them about about the West World vibes of their new video and their passion projects. How did DELUNE come to fruition?  We’ve been making music together since we were kids. Last year, we decided to go by the name DELUNE, which embodies multiple …

It’s Impossible To Be Sad Listening To Crush Club

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Crush Club is like what summer sounds like in music form. The duo creates high-energy sparkling tracks that instantly hook you. We talked to them about their tour and the sweet inspiration behind their song “Higher.” How did Crush Club form? Le Chev: It’s a classic big city story.  A couple misfit artists trying to find their way, we met …

Heather Morgan’s Borrowed Heart

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Heather Morgan had a pretty traditional start, she grew up playing open mic nights and had a band in college, but her impressive songwriting catalog really gives her an edge. She’s worked for all the big shots in country music but now she’s breaking out on her own. She has a ton of passion and ambition and she made it clear that country needs to make more room for female artists. She spoke to us about her new album and why she’ll always call Texas home.

Parish f/t Makes Pop Music For Rock Stars

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Lincoln Parish, formerly of Cage the Elephant recently began a solo project he dubbed Parish f/t. He says it was an accident, and it was just a musical lab that worked. The project works on unintended results for a greater effect by bringing a group of vocalists where the sum is greater than the parts. Parish still remains close to his roots, but this project is just an evolution of his career as he’s constantly seeking to expand his horizons. It’s pop music for rock stars and celebrates collaborations.