Judah and The Lion Are The Band To See This Year

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A baseball player or fashion designer, pro skateboarder or surfer, helicopter pilot (you know, like the kind you see in ski movies), and a coffee roaster. Seems like an eclectic bunch of individuals, but this is exactly what the Nashville-based group Judah & the Lion would have been if they hadn’t met and pursued music. While things don’t always pan out the way you imagine, these guys seem to be handling that just fine. The band is composed of frontman Judah Akers, drummer Spencer Cross, mandolin player Brian Macdonald, and banjo player Nate Zuercher.

The HUNNA Is Unstoppable

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I’m talking to The Hunna in their tour bus after their show in Austin. They’re talking about getting some new tattoos on 6th street. At this point, I’ve seen them twice and each set showed off their power as a band. Even during their show in Houston where they faced some technical difficulties the band seemed unfazed and performed like pros. They’ve been climbing up the alternative charts and they originally caught my attention for their unfiltered, raw energy.

The Band CAMINO’s Electric Chemistry

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It seems fitting that my first interview of 2017 takes place with a band from my city of Memphis, Tennessee. Within five minutes of speaking with Graham Rowell, Andrew Isbell, Spencer Stewart, and Jeffery Jordan, I knew this was going to be a unique interview. Even off-stage, these guys who form the group The Band CAMINO exhibit an exceptionally electric chemistry.

Albums Of The Year

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The New Nine contributors reviews their favorite albums from 2016. It’s been quite the year for music and there’s so many amazing albums and songs.

Feeding The Animal: An Interview With KONGOS

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KONGOS were one of the first interviews I ever did. They were riding the high of their first headlining tour and “Come With Me Now” was being played literally everywhere. It’s been amazing to see how they took that single and turned it into thousands of fans and headlining tours. I sat down with Dylan and Jesse backstage at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill in Dallas to talk about their latest album Egomaniac.

State Of Sound’s Summer Vibes

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I don’t think there’s a day that goes by where I don’t try to find new music. Last week I was listening to the “Today’s Top Hits” playlist on Spotify when I came across a song that made me realize how much I actually missed the summer. I enjoy crisp fall mornings and oversized sweaters as much as the next girl, but some days you just start to crave the warmer weather.

Astrid S Is The Queen Of Ethereal Pop

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You’ve heard her single “Hurt So Good” all over the place, but Astrid S is quite reserved. That’s the first thing that strikes me about her, she’s so ethereal and her voice is so delicate. The Norwegian singer grew up in the small town of Berkåk, Norway with less than 1,000 people and long cold winters. She said the airport in Dallas is actually larger than her home town. “I’m in cowboy land all the way from Norway,” she said as she took the stage at Southside Ballroom.