Listen To Filipa’s Gorgeous Cover Of “Like To Be You”

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Guys, I’m a huge fan of covers. I love when a cover sounds so unique and an artist puts their own take on a song. Filipa has the sweetest voice and her cover of the bittersweet Shawn Mendes and Julia Michaels song “Like To Be You” is so beautiful. We talked to her about the song and what’s been inspiring her lately.

Loren North Is Seeing Starlight

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The first thing that strikes me about Loren is her incredibly unique voice. Even speaking, she has the sweetest hint of a southern accent and her voice just sounds like honey. Loren grew up in Georgia, and in the southern tradition, she started out singing in a church choir. She started out wanting to do folk but when she started writing her sound evolved into something different, and it just felt right to her.