Phangs: I’m Gonna Die With My Tattoos

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Jake’s latest “I’m Gonna Die With My Tattoos” is an ultimate bop. Phangs’ tracks as of this year have only gotten better and we’re so excited to feature this. We talked to him about the process of creating the track and if he ever got the tattoo with his fans.  What was the process behind creating this track? Phangs: Honestly, …

Sedona Hits The Bullseye With Victorian-Inspired Video

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While most of us were cooped up in our homes watching Netlfix and trying out fruitless hobbies over the last year, Sedona was hard at work. The last time spoke was in May 2020 before the release of the Soft Machine music video. In the last year, she has released one full-length album, five subsequent singles, and six more music …

New Music Alert: Sydney Cope’s “Watch Out For Me”

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Rising pop artist Sydney Cope just dropped her video for “Watch Out For Me” and while her voice is sweet and angelic the message is clear, don’t mess with her. We talked about the new video and the best way to get revenge. Sydney! Tell me how you got started in music? Sydney: My singing and music lessons began at a …

SUR Tells Us How The California Coast Inspired His Latest Project

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Zack Arnett, who you’ll know as SUR, is as smooth as his music. As a musician and producer, his latest project was inspired by a trip along the California coast. Zack became frustrated by the city of Los Angeles so he created a studio in the back of his RV and journeyed throughout the desert and national parks and of course, Big Sur.  His music is inspiring, creative, and his personality is nothing short of that, too.