Stop Pitting Women Against Each Other

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Love triangles in music are nothing new. In my generation, we had the iconic Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Aaron Carter feud. Now we have Olivia, Sabrina, and Joshua. While all of this is delivering us some wonderful drama, any girl-on-girl rivalry rubs me the wrong way, especially since pitting women against each other. It’s 2021. We don’t need to stoop …

Shoffy Talks Working With Sabrina Carpenter, Connecting With Fans, and more

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If you’re looking for your new favorite chilled out pop fave, look no further. Shoffy is exactly what you’re looking for. On Shoffy’s latest album, Flash he showcases not only his versatility in music but also his ability to smoothly collaborate with other artists and sounds. He blends his style with Sabrina Carpenters on the track “Tricky”. Now, during social …

This Year’s Jingle Ball Was Everything We Wanted

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If you’re me, the end of Thanksgiving doesn’t mean it’s almost Christmas yet – it means Jingle Ball time! In the five years I’ve been in Dallas, I think I’ve only missed one Jingle Ball. It’s truly a show I look forward to every year, showcasing some of the biggest artists of the year singing their top hits of this year and years past. What’s not to love!