Ivy Rei Is The Norwegian Pop Star To Watch

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Ivy Rei is the Norwegian pop star you need to know about now. Her song “Say It to My Face” the song starts out soft and acoustic and builds to a powerful chorus that highlights her effortless voice. We talked to her about what has been inspiring her lately and her amazing new music.

New Music Alert: Karolina Rose’s Going To Berlin

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We love Karolina Rose, and she just released her shimmering new song “Going to Berlin.” The song is so catchy and manages to put a twist on the usual dance track. Lyrically, the track draws its inspiration from one of Karolina’s own personal inspirations—a bright, blossoming friend who dared to follow her dreams across oceans and continents. Karolina has crafted …

CRAY’s Here To Fill Your Life With Bops

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Earlier this month CRAY premiered her newest single, “Peaches,” and it’s already an instant bop. Her voice is light and whimsical and puts you in the best mood. She’s already on my summer playlist and I can’t wait to get more from her! I got to talk to her about the premiere of the single and here’s what she had to say-

Catina Mezereon’s Bold Sound Is What You Need

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Catina is someone I was ecstatic about interviewing. As a Chinese American, it’s always been hard for me to find a Chinese artist with music I like. When I heard Catina’s single, “Stronger,” I knew I had to talk to her. This song is the perfect one to add to your Girls Night Out playlist or if you want to just feel empowered getting ready.