This Is Why Bieber Is More Than A Comeback

emilytreadgold #9, Editorial

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years, commonly known as an LL Cool J lyric, but also fitting as the story of Justin Bieber’s life this year as he came back onto the scene after a messy, public breakdown. Those of us who have always been Beliebers, we knew he still had “it” – but, it was the rest of the world who needed convincing.

How Young Rising Sons Made A Viral Video Into A Career

emilytreadgold #9, Features

Andy Tongren met Dylan Scott, Julian Dimagiba, and Steve Patrick when he was at an open mic in New York. They had all been playing for rival bands around New Jersey when they found him. He said it was “sort of an instant chemistry, best friends right away.” They had viral success with their video for “High” and just released their EP The Kids Will Be Fine. We talked to Andy Tongren, singer and guitarist, about their inspiration and how they follow up a successful single.

“For a long time no one took notice of the music that we were doing. We like to write songs about the turning point in our career when people started to listen and pay attention because that was an exciting time,” says Tongren. “We want to give the listener something they can grasp a hold of because other than that there’s no point to what were doing. It’s so unique and special to me when there is a song that perfectly captures a moment in your life and we try to do that for our listeners.”