Catching Up With Billy Raffoul On His Debut Album

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Tell me about the new album and the process behind your new album?  Billy: I started being home after two weeks tour had stopped. I had never recorded myself on my own so I bought my own interface and recorded one acoustic song and shared it with my friend. He liked it, so I recorded a bunch more and made …

Billy Raffoul’s Soulful Voice Never Disappoints

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Billy Raffoul’s soulful voice doesn’t disappoint yet again with his latest EP, The Running Wild. These songs are so personal and it lets you get another perspective of just what Billy is going through. This is coming just in time for his tour with band, Parachute. We caught up with him just as he made his first tour stop. Tell …

ACL 2017

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Everyone in Austin has mixed feelings about ACL, the annual mega-fest that takes place at Zilker Park every year. It’s insanely crowded and hot but this year, the lineup was too good ot pass up. I ate a total of 4 P. Terry’s veggie burgers, got two distinctive sunburns, applied 4 layers of mosquito repellent, acquired 10 mosquito bites anyway, cried 3 times, and lost my voice just once.