Prepping For Coachella 2018

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Coachella, the master festival that kicks off the season. Coachella is extremely expensive and notorious for their difficult tickets and crowds of social media influencers. This year it’s also known for one of the sickest lineups out there. Samantha and I will be covering the madness both weekends so make sure to follow along on Instagram @thenewnine9.

Frida Sundemo Tells Us Where To Shop In Sweden

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Frida Sundemo, asides from being a talented music artist, has a love for fashion and there’s not better source for where to shop in the up-and-coming fashion city of Stockholm, Sweden. We got an inside look at where to go to snag Frida’s style in the Scandinavian city. Frida Sundemo’s debut record “Flashbacks & Futures” drops on October 6th and …