How To Dress Like: Sydney Sierota

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Echosmith just released their latest album Lonely Generation and we’re obsessed. We are also equally obsessed with frontwoman Sydney Sierota who has embodied this ~cool girl~ aethetic since she first stepped onto the scene. Sydney’s style has evolved so much but she’s a huge fan of dressing modestly, being a young woman in the industry presents a lot of pressure to …

Prepping For Coachella 2018

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Coachella, the master festival that kicks off the season. Coachella is extremely expensive and notorious for their difficult tickets and crowds of social media influencers. This year it’s also known for one of the sickest lineups out there. Samantha and I will be covering the madness both weekends so make sure to follow along on Instagram @thenewnine9.

How To Dress Like SZA

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SZA owned 2017, and she’s still owning this year, but her debut album CTRL was life-changing. Her songs spoke to young women in a way no one else has. She was nominated for 5 GRAMMYS (was snubbed tbh) but this isn’t her only shot here, she’s just starting her takeover of the music world and one part of that is her killer fashion. She’s not afraid to take fashion risks.

How To Dress Like Camila Cabello Part Two

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Camila is on fire right now, the former Fifth Harmony member just released her first album titled Camila, duh, and we can’t stop listening to it. Even though we’ve already covered her fashion, she’s had a big year and we can’t help but take another look at her transformation. She has such a unique voice and it’s undeniable that “Havana” was one of the biggest songs of the year, it was even on Barack Obama’s playlist. Camila came under a lot of fire for leaving Fifth Harmony but her new music is nothing like what the group was doing and it makes more sense for her to be a solo artist.

How To Dress Like Brandon Flowers

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The Killers have made an incredible comeback with their album Wonderful Wonderful. I could go on and on about how their latest album is so poetic and beautiful but also so incredibly sad. And as a long time Killers fan I’ve practically worshiped Brandon Flowers. The frontman has the perfect hint of darkness in his lyrics and is an incredible performer. However, what I really admire is his fashion taste. After seeing them again at ACL I was in awe of Brandon’s gold suit, when he came out and performed “The Man” I was floored.

Frida Sundemo Tells Us Where To Shop In Sweden

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Frida Sundemo, asides from being a talented music artist, has a love for fashion and there’s not better source for where to shop in the up-and-coming fashion city of Stockholm, Sweden. We got an inside look at where to go to snag Frida’s style in the Scandinavian city. Frida Sundemo’s debut record “Flashbacks & Futures” drops on October 6th and …