Flint Eastwood Is In Control Of Her Art

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I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived at Flint Eastwood’s set during SXSW. It was the hottest day of the week and she appeared in long braids and overalls. I had listened to her songs “Queen” and “Push” nonstop when they came out. She defines herself as a pop singer, but the genre doesn’t do her justice because it’s pop music with bite, it’s got teeth.

Lauren Ruth Ward’s Hypnotizing Music Will Have You Hooked

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The first time I saw Lauren Ruth Ward perform I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she commands the attention of the entire audience. She has this insane energy and the way she sings and moves on stage it’s like the music is just flowing through her and it washes over the audience captivating them. Her soulful vocals, unapologetic lyrics, and the way she performs like she’s exorcising demons from her own mind make her the rockstar we’ve desperately needed.

Findlay Is The Femme Rockstar You Need In Your Life

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I’ve looped “Electric Bones” on my phone for what seems like my entire life at this point. Also, if you know me and you know this video you’ll recognize that Findlay is literally THE girl for white power suit inspiration. Natalie Findlay has toured with Iggy Pop, Karen Elson, and Brandon Flowers. She was also personally asked by Mick Jagger to play the Serpentine party in London. I just have such a soft spot for badass rockstar women. Her sound is a little rock, a little pop, a little garage and a little blues, but she’s ballsy af and cooler than I’ll ever be.

My 2018 SXSW Diary

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SXSW is hell week, but in a good way. This year I was planning a day party (girls to the front) as well as doing press which means a ton of interviews every day and getting videos and live-tweeting. I drink 5 hour energies nonstop and think all together I ate 3 slices of pizza for the 7 days total and I walked more than I’ve ever walked. It’s exhausting but so rewarding.