The Jacks: Rock ‘n’ Roll with a Modern Twist

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It seems rare these days to see a band that doesn’t have some sort of synthesizer on stage with them. The evolution of electronic music has bled seamlessly into pop, rock, rap, and indie music making it possible to replicate a variety of preconstructed beats and sounds. But California rock group, The Jacks, have made a conscious decision to stick with a more straightforward approach; “Our goal is to never have a computer on stage,” said bassist, Scott Stone, quickly adding, “Not that there’s anything wrong with bands who do that, we just really want to just keep it to four guys and four instruments.”

New Music Alert: Emma Zander’s My Generation

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I think as a 20-something it’s been hard to find a specific song that just resonates with everyone. When I listened to Emma Zander’s “My Generation” it just clicked. I knew that if I could relate to this song, all my friends of various ages could too. Emma’s poppy sound combined with her honest lyrics make this an infectious song and we are so thrilled to share it with you!

Lauren Marsh Has Come A Long Way

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Lauren Marsh has the sweetest voice and these honest lyrics that really standout. Se started playing in coffee shops along the Jersey Shore and she got the opportunity to open for the legendary Don McLean. Her song “Take Me With You (When You Go)” was inspired by road trips with friends and it’ll make you want to hit the road …

Catching Up With Mobley At Hangout Fest

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When our editor here at the New Nine told me to check out Mobley at Hangout Fest, I said “Mobley Who?” Mobley, an Austin-based one-man show, just came out with “Fresh Lies, Vol. I,” an enticing upbeat musical jolt of energy that catches you by the ears and has you dancing from start to finish. Mobley refers to “Fresh Lies, Vol. I” as a song cycle rather than an album, because it’s a part of a story project that he will continue for the rest of his career.

New Music Alert: Lo’s Drumline

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If you’re in need for a feel good pop song, Lo has got you covered. Her latest single, “Drumline,” is upbeat and puts you in the best mood. If that’s not impressive enough, Lo writes, produces and plays all of her own material. She’s authentic and this is true in her sound. Take a listen to “Drumline” and add it to your library because I guarantee it’s going be stuck in your heads!

Lauren Ruth Ward’s Hypnotizing Music Will Have You Hooked

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The first time I saw Lauren Ruth Ward perform I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she commands the attention of the entire audience. She has this insane energy and the way she sings and moves on stage it’s like the music is just flowing through her and it washes over the audience captivating them. Her soulful vocals, unapologetic lyrics, and the way she performs like she’s exorcising demons from her own mind make her the rockstar we’ve desperately needed.

You Need To See A Mobley Show Now

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It’s hard for me to describe a Mobley show, you really have to be there. He’s a one-man act, during the show he plays the guitar, the drums, literally everything, and he does it without missing a beat. This isn’t even the thing that impresses me the most, the production and the music both are astounding. His songs will be stuck in your head for days on end. I mean it when I say he’s the next big thing, not only in Austin, this is national.

Alex Riddle’s Shimmering Rock Sound

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Houston is known for its booming rap scene that started the careers of Slim Thug, Bun B, and of course, Beyonce, but Houston has more depth than that. There’s a thriving indie rock scene that goes pretty unnoticed. One of those standouts is Alex Riddle, whose sound is like a mix between The National and Jeff Buckley. Alex says, “Houston has a ton of untapped untethered talent shooting every which way.”