Maggie Rogers Brings Us Back So We Can Move Forward

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I’m not going to start this off by talking about the viral moment that launched Maggie Rogers music career. If you follow women in pop music, you have hopefully by this point experienced the alternate realm that Maggie creates with her captivating lyrics and stunning visuals. But what many people don’t realize is that artists are not just born during …

EBEN Talks Latest EP Honeydew, Connecting With Fans, And Personal Growth

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“It feels like I finally made it to the summit on a big mountain!” proclaims singer-songwriter EBEN. His latest EP– Honeydew– has been long awaited by a both growing and eager fan base. It’s safe to say that this new project has showcased not only his ever-evolving style, but his truth and passion. He notes: “I’ve made my fans wait …

Chelsea Cutler Explains How To Be Human During Her Insightful And Visionary Tour

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Words: Alex West Photos: Ali Fitzgerald The How to Be Human tour was just that: A display of life in and of its complexity and the flash of a common thread that connects each of us. Chelsea Cutler’s Terminal 5 show on February 29th, dominated the Saturday night vibes in New York City. Her show was the place to be …

One Republic At Red Rocks

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When OneRepublic announced their August concert at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony back in April, it took only minutes for the demand to require a second show. By the end of that week, both were sold out.  Fans’ wildly enthusiastic response was no doubt in response to what had been a long and uncertain semi-hiatus for the band. Almost …

lovelytheband’s Show Was A Shimmering Indie-Pop Dream

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With news of their first headlining tour, we got the chance to check out lovelytheband in Nashville and at Hangout Festival. lovelytheband hit the stage just as the sun started to set and the venue came alive with more fans. Opening with “Make You Feel Pretty” the band set the scene with the song giving off a similar vibe to the time of night and finally for us in Nashville, great weather.

The Night Game Was Worth The Wait

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The pop-punk band Boys Like Girls was the soundtrack to my teenage years and was the beginning of my love affair with Martin Johnson. Fast forward to about this time last year and I received a new song recommendation from a friend. Immediately I knew the familiar. Martin Johnson’s latest band, The Night Game, provided my life with the 80s pop soundtrack I never knew I needed.

Why Don’t We Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

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The first time I saw Why Don’t We was on Valentine’s Day at a small venue in downtown Dallas, one they’d just been shifted to that night and weren’t sure the crowd would be the right size for. I was familiar with a couple of their songs and was stoked to spend my V Day with this boy band (obvi), but I had no idea how wonderful the show would end up being. It’s safe to say it might have been my best Valentine’s Day yet.

Fenech-Soler Should Be On Your Summer Playlist

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Fenech-Soler was performing on the same night as “the xx” at ACL Live, so you can imagine this was a tough show, but 3TEN is one of my favorite venues in Austin right now. After a killer start with Knox Hamilton, we were ready. I’ve been listening to Zilla almost on loop all day to prep and couldn’t get enough of the synth pop jams that show promise of fun. and Phoenix.

Mitski’s Anxious And Cathartic Show

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A complete silence came over Mohawk when Mitski took this stage. The darling of the indie music scene’s show was completely sold out. After putting out her critically acclaimed ‘Puberty 2’, Mitski has become the voice of every anxious girl transitioning into true adulthood, trying to find happiness and figure out her place in the world. Her emotionally honest lyrics and sweeping dramatic songs brought half of Austin out on a humid Wednesday night.