The HUNNA Is Unstoppable

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I’m talking to The Hunna in their tour bus after their show in Austin. They’re talking about getting some new tattoos on 6th street. At this point, I’ve seen them twice and each set showed off their power as a band. Even during their show in Houston where they faced some technical difficulties the band seemed unfazed and performed like pros. They’ve been climbing up the alternative charts and they originally caught my attention for their unfiltered, raw energy.

12th and Porter-Exclusive Venue Preview

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Last week we got an exclusive look at the new concert hall at 12th and Porter, a downtown live-music venue in the heart of downtown Nashville, TN. For the past 25 years 12th and Porter has hosted acts to its intimate, 300-person capacity, venue stage. Acts varying from Kings of Leon, Twenty Pilots, Keith Urban, Jacob Whitesides, and even Run-DMC have played this eclectic offering stage.

The Band CAMINO’s Electric Chemistry

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It seems fitting that my first interview of 2017 takes place with a band from my city of Memphis, Tennessee. Within five minutes of speaking with Graham Rowell, Andrew Isbell, Spencer Stewart, and Jeffery Jordan, I knew this was going to be a unique interview. Even off-stage, these guys who form the group The Band CAMINO exhibit an exceptionally electric chemistry.

ABT LST NT Will Be Your New Obsession

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If you know me at all, you know I love bands – especially the sort made up of boys – so you can imagine how excited I was to interview rising band ABT LST NT (pronounced About Last Night) as they begin to gain traction in the music world. This year has been a big year for ABT LST NT, made up of Eben Franckewitz, Mikey Bromley, Jackson Owens and Jack Taylor – they released their first EP as a foursome in August and have hit a stride on social media through recent mash-ups of songs like Justin Bieber’s Cold Water combined with Ben E. King’s Stand By Me and covers like The Weeknd’s Starboy.

SIGMA Is Right On The Verge

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I pride myself on finding new music before my friends, so imagine my surprise when I realized that underground turned pop duo, SIGMA, had been around for about the last decade creating music. The duo is comprised of Cameron James “Cam” Edwards and Joseph Aluin “Joe” Lenzie.