All Of Our Favorites From Hangout Fest 2018

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Hangout Fest was hands down the best music festival I’ve been to thus far: the lineup, the hangs, the hospitality, THE BEACH! Everything down to the last detail was perfect and added up to a fun experience that I would never trade for anything. Driving eight hours from Houston to Gulf Shores on an incredibly tight budget was worth it.

New Music Alert: Alex Stern’s Think About You

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Singer/songwriter Alex Stern started as a new twitter follower but she’s now turned into a friend and favorite artist. We’ve talked about music, life and recently, crushes. Her latest single, “Think About You” is about that feeling when you can’t get a certain someone out of your head. Alex is so open with everything to me and I couldn’t wait to hear the inspiration behind the single.

Animal Years is Wild On Tour

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I have a confession to make: despite my love for heavy underground music, I have have a soft spot for “good ‘ole boy” jams which extends to pretty much anything with a twang that makes me want to sit around a fire with my friends with a case of local beers. One of the first artists who captured that essence was Josh Ritter. His work, particularly the songs ‘Harrisburg’ and ‘A Thin Blue Frame’ became my bridge to other artists who straddled the line between rock, americana, and folk.