New Music Alert: Be The Bear

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Swedish artist, Be The Bear, recently dropped her single, “I Don’t Want To.” The single is an anthem to just simply not giving in and doing something you don’t want to do something I’m sure we can all relate to. She’s extremely cool and tells it like it is. You’re going to want to start adding her to your playlists because we already have!

Sad Songs And Poop Jokes: An Interview With Taylor Janzen

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“I think that everyone needs a space where they can express themselves properly, even if it’s not art, I think everyone needs that. And for some people that is art. For me, I write songs for myself, but I also recognize that sometimes I am able to articulate things that others can’t. And I remember when I couldn’t, and how difficult that was for me, and how certain songs and certain artists helped me learn how to do that. So that’s why I put music out. Because if someone else has all these feelings and they don’t know what to do with them then if I can help them articulate them then that’s good and that’s kind of what I am trying to do”

You Need To Know About YUNGBLUD

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If you’re on the Lolla high like most of us are, you’ve probably seen YUNGBLUD’s set and ridiculously energizing stage presence. I never thought to mix hip hop with punk rock, but whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it right. He’s an artist you’ll want to start getting connected to now because it’s not going to be long until he headlines his own arena shows. Also, his debut album is already out now so you’ve got to check it out.

Lauren Marsh Has Come A Long Way

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Lauren Marsh has the sweetest voice and these honest lyrics that really standout. Se started playing in coffee shops along the Jersey Shore and she got the opportunity to open for the legendary Don McLean. Her song “Take Me With You (When You Go)” was inspired by road trips with friends and it’ll make you want to hit the road …

bulow Is Unstoppable

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bulow is unstoppable, her song “Not A Love Song” was placed on literally every major Spotify playlist. Her songs are catchy, relatable and unique. She’s truly the future of pop music. We talked to her about her new EP, Damaged Vol. 2 and her current inspirations. How did you get started in music? B: I’ve always been singing. It got …

Meet Liv Keegan: Your New Favorite Pop Queen

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Liv Keegan is probably known for her roles on various television shows, but if you haven’t been paying attention, she’s also a crazy talented singer. On top of being nominated for an Emmy, she’s already released a single, “Queen is a King” and now she’s dropping “Just My Type.” Her sultry voice mixed with the pop synths is sure to pull you in. We got to talk to Liv about what she’s been up to and we’re anxious for more music!